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As a cinematographer and editor I have worked on dozens of short videos, mostly for social media.

I've shot short reports for HateFree Culture project for three years, and I've also worked on a series of videos promoting foster care or made fundraising spots for the non-profit organization Let's go on a Trip!

My focus is always on making sure that the video not only looks nice, but that it is believable. If you enjoy this documentary approach and would like me to make a similar video, feel free to get in touch!

Thanks to fostering

In the Czech Republic, foster care is not common and many children still grow up in institutional care. Thanks to fostering campaign aimed to show the stories of people who decided to become foster parents.


Working as a director, cameraman and editor in one person, I created four documentary videos showing different - and often very unexpected - examples of foster care.

Let's go on a Trip!

The NGO Let's go on a Trip has helped thousands of older people to live happier lives.  Quite simply by taking them on interesting trips at minimal cost. This promotion has helped them raise a lot of money for their work.

War and water

The short spot for the humanitarian organisation Adra shows the challenges people in the frontline areas in eastern Ukraine faced between 2014 and 2022. Because of the heavy fighting, many residents lost access to running water. Aid workers struggled to bring drinking water to the affected people despite daily shelling.

The movie was a finalist in the international competition WeArtWater.

Reports for HateFree Culture

For several years I shot short videos for the HateFree Culture project, which showed positive stories focused on minorities in Czech society.

Other videos

For Doctors Without Borders I filmed their first ever mission in the Czech Republic, and for the Paměť národa (Memory of the Nation / Post Bellum) I recorded the memories of dozens of witnesses. I have been working with the Post Bellum organization for a long time and I shot a fundraising spot or a Christmas video for them. Together with the Prague Innovation Institutee, we created a series of videos focused on helping Ukrainians and innovation in education.

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