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Equipment rental

Do you want to rent professional photo and video equipment and don't want to drive a truck for it?

You don't have a car and want to get to the filming location on foot or by bike?

Or don't you want to lug around something that weighs ten kilos if you don't even use half of the functions?

I tweaked the universal photo and video setup almost to perfection. There is probably no better combination of image quality, durability and portability among full frame sensors.

So if you want professional photos or 4k 10bit video, I offer a set for rent

Sony A7 IV, a range of lenses and other accessories for photo and video. You get everything neatly packed in a PeakDesign bag or backpack. No fifty-kilo suitcases that you need carriers for.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

The rental conditions are simple:

The basic rental price is2,000 / day and always containsSony A7IV and any two lenses.

You get three flashlights, a charger and a power bank with the whole set, so there will be enough energy (at least the one in the camera).

Of course, SD cards are also included: 3x 64GB and 1x128GB.

Want more lenses? Not a problem. You pay for each additional lens500/day.

If you want to shoot, it's also a good idea to rent a video kit that includes variable ND filters, a metal cage with handles, and a set of wireless microphones. She stands500/day.

The tripod is not yet so perfectly tuned and it is not possible to swing it well. But it is more than sufficient for static shots, it is storable and you have it with your orderfor free.

A day means 24 hours. You borrow at ten in the morning, you return the next day by ten. I am not a VAT payer, so all prices are final.

I only rent the equipment in the specified set, i.e. I do not rent lenses or bodies separately.

Booking is possible at and on the phone +420 776 880 856

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Technika k pronájmu

Sony A7IV

Big 33 megapixel chip, great color rendering, ability to see in the dark with almost no noise.

10-bit 4K60p and Slog 3 to play with colors.

Weight 663 grams including battery and two cards.

Tamron 28-75 / 2.8

Excellent basic zoom with a nice drawing.

Weight 597 grams.

Tamron 70-180 / 2.8

A light telephoto lens that draws beautifully without weighing two tons. You won't want another.

Weight 810 grams.

Sony 16-35 / 4

Durable, but still light wide from Sony. Good where there isn't a lot of space.

Weight 570 grams.

Sony 85 / 1.8

Unsurpassed glass in the weight / price / performance ratio. Very pleasant presentation of the picture. 

Weight 390 grams.

Sony 35 / 1.8

Unsurpassed glass in the weight / price / performance ratio (yes, the same as the 85/1.8).

Weight 280 grams.

Set for video

Variable ND filter Hoya 82mm and reduction to lenses.

SmallRig camera cage, top mount and side mounts.

Rode Wireless Go II wireless microphones - two transmitters, two lapel microphones, one receiver.

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