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Do you have a project, idea or topic you want to make visible?

There are some ways I can help you.

I will take photos

I will photograph your work, event or your hobby. Well actually nearly anything that touches on reportage or documentary as my passion is just to show things in a realistic, believable and unedited way. I also like to photograph outdoors and sport events. On the contrary, I won't shoot weddings, food or product photos.

pronajem kopie.jpg
I can shoot and edit video

Possibly a moving image with audio is more suitable for your idea. I am very experienced in creating short videos for social media. But as with photography, I strive for a civil and believable feel above all. And the feedback so far shows that I'm succeeding.

I can produce the video entirely myself or bring in other professions to collaborate, such as a sound engineer and editor, depending on the budget. Then of course I can also export it to all possible formats - from videos for social media to high-quality cinema projection.

I will teach you how to shoot, film and edit

I wouldn't want to keep my years of experience to myself. And I won't. On many occasions, I've given talks to those who wanted to start creating their own videos or get better at making them. There are obviously tons of tutorials on the internet, however I think there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings. And because I have been giving lectures in Czech, English and Russian about working with the camera, I believe we will definitely find a common language.

I can help in a completely different way

There might be another form of cooperation you can think of. Please don't be afraid to write, as I am open to new adventures!

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