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I first started making documentaries at FAMU and gradually developed my own style. I have been interested in topics related to humanitarian aid, which is why I made shorter documentaries for Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine and Tajikistan.


I have been involved as a cameraman in Czech Television programmes such as "Náš venkov" (Our countryside) or "Plné hnízdo" (Full Nest). I also work on two feature-length original films focusing on ecology and social housing issues.


The armed conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, leaving thousands of people without healthcare. The war left the people of eastern Ukraine in fear and loneliness. They have lived amid shelling, lost loved ones, taken refuge in cellars or extinguished nearby houses. When the doctors came to see them and started giving them medical care and talking to them, they were overjoyed because they knew that the world had not forgotten them.

I did a short documentary for Doctors Without Borders about medical care in villages near the front line. The documentary was a finalist in the WHO international competition.

It is available for viewing on Vimeo.

Healing care: supporting families to tackle child TB

Tajikistan has one of the highest incidences of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the world. It even affects children, who are particularly vulnerable. Making the documentary film "Healing Care" chronicles the lives of several patients whom the Doctors Without Borders project has helped or is still helping to prevent and treat the disease.

Over the past few years, the possibilities for treatment have improved. In addition to the introduction of gentler medications, the F-DOT program was launched, which allows patients to be treated at home under the supervision of a trained family member. Nevertheless, the disease is still challenging for patients to treat. Besides the physical symptoms themselves, they have to deal with the stigma and sometimes hateful behaviour of their friends and neighbours. However, with the help of Doctors Without Borders doctors and psychologists, they manage to overcome their difficulties and return to normal life.

The film's teaser is available to watch on Vimeo.

Show me the war

These fixers are local guides advising journalists on how to hunt for the right shots of the war - from where to film the ruins of the airfield, which checkpoint to choose on the way to your destination, which ones to avoid. It's a wartime road movie through eastern Ukraine, following fixer Ruslan and a Colombian TV crew who want only one thing - to see the war.

I shot the film as an undergraduate project at FAMU and it can be viewed at


A short meditative portrait of slackliner Anča Kuchařová shot on a 16mm camera.

Watch on Vimeo.

Let's play soldiers

Respectable pieces of military technology have become nothing more than toys. Tanks and armored vehicles glamorously parade through town, and for a moment war seems like a fun pastime, a game for little children. But sirens are already sounding in the distance.

Shot on 35mm film camera.

Watch on Vimeo.

The new world in the Donbass

Michal Kody Kislicki traveled to Ukraine a few years ago to find himself there. A land tested by war finally gave him faith in God and his wife Ksusha. Made in 2017 for Czech Television's program Cesty víry (Journeys of Faith).


You can watch the programme on the Czech Television website.

Other collaborations

​I also collaborated on other documentary films, mostly as a cameraman and editor. I worked as a cameraman on the Czech TV program Náš venkov (Our countryside) and Plné hnízdo (Full nest). I also edited the documentary film (Polo)ostrov Krym about life in Crimea after the Russian occupation.

and directed a short portrait of the Hungarian writer Krisztina Tóth.

I shot and edited the fictional documentary Krasiński a Josefa about the relationship between Josefa and the famous Polish artist Edward Krasiński, which was part of a gallery art installation.

As a cameraman, I am working on a feature-length documentary film Who is missing here today about the disappearance of bird species in the world.

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