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I graduated in documentary filmmaking at FAMU and besides directing I have been working with camera and photography for a long while. I have made short documentaries for humanitarian organization Adra and taken photo series about their activities in Ukraine, Cambodia and Myanmar. I repeatedly return to eastern Ukraine. "Show me the war", my undergraduate film, brings to light the work of fixers and their role in creating news content from the war zone. My graduate project Forgotten War, leads the viewer through the territory along the frontline in eastern Ukraine using an interactive approach.


I am a freelance cinematographer working on commercial and documentary projects. I have collaborated on documentaries for Czech Television and for several years I shot short spots for HateFree Culture campaign. I also worked for Doctors Without Borders as audio-visual content creator for three years and was at the birth of the successful podcast Mlčení zabíjí (Silence kills), which I am still working on today. I have also made the short documentary (Un)forgotten on the medical care in frontline villages in eastern Ukraine and a TV documentary on the fight against childhood tuberculosis in Tajikistan.

Given my frequent work in volatile areas, I have completed a security course for aid workers. I speak English and Russian.

+420 776 880 856

Who I am as well


I first got into running in early 2020 and though I initially trained on the road, I soon moved into the hills and woods. After months of proper training, I won a race across the Šumava Mountains in a stage race and came second in the mountain run in the Giant Mountains. It had taken me less than five hours to finish the 50km course with 2000m of elevation gain. On the 48km Cortina Trail in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy, I finished in the top 10% of all runners.

Despite my preference for the mountains, I also enjoy the occasional road run. I completed my first flat marathon in under 3 hours, which qualified me directly for the Boston Marathon. But who knows, maybe my steps will lead me there.


Shepherds in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, the evening bustle of crowded market towns in Syria, the daily life of an Israeli kibbutz and a Palestinian refugee camp. All the cultures I visited were fascinating in their own way. I have enjoyed discovering the colors of human civilization, its bright spots and dark corners.

Either visiting foreign countries as a tourist or as a documentary filmmaker, I strive to learn as much as I can about the local traditions and culture.


First the Tatras and the Alps, later the Caucasus and the Tian Shan. Mountains beckon because of their immense size, can be lethal and icy calm.

Despite the fact that I'm more into mountain running these days, it can still be a great pleasure to take a backpack, tent and sleeping bag and head out for a few days somewhere that smells of the distant under the rock peaks.


Since I was a kid, I have been living in a country where the four seasons change. Therefore, for me, the weather doesn't matter. I photographed several days of winter crossing of Slovak mountains and stayed in a tent with my equipment in temperatures well below freezing. I have filmed in the scorching heat of Tajikistan and trudged through several days of fog in Iceland.

And as we always used to say back home: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."

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